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 Shaman Discussions

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PostSubject: Shaman Discussions   Sun Jun 06, 2010 11:57 am

Talent builds


Theory crafting

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PostSubject: Tips/trix from a resto shaman.   Mon Jul 12, 2010 8:29 pm

First of all I would like to say that a very helpful thing to use is mouse "overheals" I think most people know what it is already but if not I'll try to explain it. A mouse overhealing macro is basicly a replacment for your original spell which you put on an action key to cast on a player who your targeting. With this macro you can just have your mousebutton over the person you would like to heal and press your action key without having to press them and targeting them to heal them with your spell of choice.

I will post some examples of Chain heal, Lesser healing wave, Healing wave and riptide. Theese basicly use the same macro but in a diffrent setup.

This is the one I use for Lesser Healing Wave:

/cast [target=mouseover,exists,help] Lesser healing wave; [help]Lesser healing wave; [target=player] Lesser healing wave

This is the one for Riptide:

/cast [target=mouseover,exists,help] Riptide; [help]Riptide; [target=player] Riptide

As you can see it's the same macro, exept that the spell has been changed to the one you wish to use. This macro should also work for all other healing spells/abilities that can be casted as a helpfull spell.

An addon that is perfect for mouse overhealing is called "Grid". What it does it that it creates a bar that shows every player that is in your party/raid, which is very helpfull so you don't have to mess around with the blizzard raid ui system (which IMO sucks)
It can be found for download here: wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addons/details/grid.aspx

as this is my first post I think it might be a little faulty in grammar/spelling, but please don't hate on me, and if you have any questions or need anything just reply to this or /w me in game when I'm online. Very Happy
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PostSubject: Opening Shaman discussion   Tue Aug 24, 2010 8:43 pm

I knwo the biggest parts about elemental shaman - and have a smart head so i kinda find out the resto specc 2 - not 100% into resto eyt but i will get it. what i need u and me to discuss about is resto and Enhancement and if u have any questions about elemental i can aswer =D lets show all other classes we are superior ! =D
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PostSubject: Re: Shaman Discussions   

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Shaman Discussions
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