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 Ruby Sanctum Tactics

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PostSubject: Ruby Sanctum Tactics   Fri Jul 23, 2010 2:50 pm

I felt like posting some clear tactics for Ruby Sanctum to make it easier for our members to know what to do there. Here is a great video with good explanation of how to get Halion down on normal mode. And some quick facts of how to handle the mini-bosses. Can't be easier. Smile

Baltharus the Warborn:
Baltharus the Warborn is located on the cliff to the left; the way to him is blocked by a few Charscale wyrms.
Two (25-player: 3) tanks are needed for this fight. At 50% (25-player: 75%, 50%, and 25%) Baltharus will summon a clone of himself. During the split, nearby players will suffer damage and be knocked away and stunned, so move just before his health reaches any of the aforementioned percentages.

The second tank (and third) should pick up the split copies as fast as possible to prevent the healers from getting threat. DPS should focus on the original Baltharus, as the other clones will de-spawn once he is dead.

During the fight, Baltharus will occasionally perform a whirlwind-move; DPS and nearby players must move away immediately.

General Zarithrian:
Zarithrian, like the other mini-bosses, is a straight-forward fight. He requires two tanks, because of the stacking Cleave Armor debuff he uses occasionally. 2-3 stacks of the debuff, and you should switch. The other spell he has, Intimidating Roar is just an AoE fear/stun you need to deal with. He will also spawn 3 Onyx Flamecaller every so often (based on time, not his health), and you should split your DPS carefully between the adds and the boss.

Saviana Ragefire:
Saviana is a fairly simple and easy mini-boss. She has the obligatory Flame Breath she uses on players in front of her. Occasionally she Enrages, increasing her damage and attack speed, but the buff can be removed by standard Enrage-removing mechanics (poison and Tranquilizing Shot). What makes her unique are her air phases - every so often during the fight she will fly up and target a number of players with Conflagration. Players debuffed with this will deal damage to their nearby allies, which means that they should move away from other members of the raid as soon as they see the debuff.