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 <Declined> Marksman hunter

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PostSubject: <Declined> Marksman hunter   Sat Dec 04, 2010 10:30 pm

1. Your age.

-I am 15 years old, i live in Denmark and my name is Martin.

2. How fluent are you in written and spoken English?

-In fact that i'm 15 and not from and English talking country, then i would say i am pretty good =)

3. Do you have a microphone and headset and are you able to speak on Ventrilo ?

-Yeah i have a mic and a headset and i am willing to speak on Vent if i got any suggestions or shout outs

4. Your character name.

-My char is Named Smartís

5. Your class.


6. Your main spec and off spec(s) . Link to the armory profile (please be in your main spec gear when you log out). If the link doesn't work delete the "http://" part.

-Im Marksman because i think its what fits me best.. so i have a marksman Pve And Pvp

7. Do you have any other level 80 characters ? (armory links)

-Yeah i have a lvl 80 Dk tank on raven, And a priest and A mage on another server

8. Are you a Hardcore or Casual PvP player ?

-i think PvP Is fun, i belive that sometimes PvE gets boring so i would like to be good at PvP also. But i wont say that im a Hardcore PvP'er im between Hc And Casual.

9. How good is your resilience gear ?

-Well Right now its Full wrath Offset and Relentless set.

10. What were your previous guilds and your reasons for leaving them ?

-Well me and my friends changed to raven and we got into this guild who were also recruiting for cata but then the guildleader left..

11. Previous PvP experience (Vanilla, TBC and WotLK).

-Mostly WotLK i started playing some and i thought it was quiet funny =)

12. What’s your previous arena experience and rating? Any notable Achievements ?

-Well i have been playing with a friend and we got around 900 and then i wanted to find a healer and i found one and got to around 1,2k. I have been trying to find more serious teams but i didn't do so well in that :p

13. How many seasons have you been playing in the Arena ?

-Yeah well i haven't really been playing any seasons mostly the last were i started to get into PvP

14. How do you deal with criticism ?

-I deal with it just fine i'm not that kind of person who put much in that, and if its something i can do better or learn of i will try to do that.

15. What is your usual World of Warcraft playing times ?

-I usually play when i get home from school and in the evenings.

16. Computer specifications (Hardware/Software), Internet-connection.

-I7 Quad Core. 4,00 GB DDR 3 Ram. Windows 7. My internet Connection is Good. i can take 25 mans Smooth and without lag.

17. What is your reason for choosing to join Unforgiven ?

-I was searching for a guild to raid and to do pvp With in cata and i saw that u were recruiting and i decided to try it out

18. Is there anything you would like to add ?

-Not much i think... well im a Funny guy, u can expect a serious and nice Team and Raid mate =)

19. Is there anyone in Unforgiven who can vouch for you? (Name him/her)

-Nope not yet but i am exited to get to know u... Hopefully =)

20. Have you read ALL the Guild Rules and are you willing to follow them ?

-Yeah Ofc i am ready to follow ur rules, if i wasn't i wouldnt apply
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PostSubject: Re: <Declined> Marksman hunter   Sun Dec 05, 2010 7:04 pm

Your PvP experience is not good enough for our standards. You can still join as Casual and try again later in cataclysm.

PvP Officer of Unforgiven
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<Declined> Marksman hunter
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