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 <Declined> Chelená Resto / balance Druid

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PostSubject: <Declined> Chelená Resto / balance Druid    Mon Dec 06, 2010 11:03 pm

Hi i am a 15 year old Swedish guy.

Im good at English i understand it well and can speak it good to.

I have a good headset, and ventrilo and skype. Im often online.
My char Name is Chelená. Resto druid
My main spec Resto Os Balance but i have feral tank gear aswell.

My role in the guild is: Im very good at Raid heal. I can help recruit and stuffs like that. I can help players with problems and stuff. I can play all night long if needed. I´m doing all my homeworks after school so that i´m finished before i start playing.

I were in the guild `` Det är mysigt`` I left becuse it was a boring guild, And i wanted to join a serious raiding Guild.

I have played all Wotlk. my Progress in Icc are 12/12 10 man 11/12 25 man

I have a good computer , Hp paviljon. But i gonna buy a new better computer at christhmas. My internet is very good. No lagging at all.
My friend is in this guild and he says its a serious guild. and i want to raid in Cataclysm.

Im a social friendly mate. I hate racism and stuffs like that. And i really want to join this guild:)

I have a friend in this guild his name is : Cend. Hes a warlock.
i have read all guild rules and im gonna follow them to 100%
Im buying Cataclysm tomorrow.
i cant link my armory the site is down atm
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<Declined> Chelená Resto / balance Druid
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