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 <Accepted> Ageofkings - Prot / Fury Warrior wants to join .

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PostSubject: <Accepted> Ageofkings - Prot / Fury Warrior wants to join .    Thu Dec 09, 2010 12:00 am

1. Your age.
I am in early 19 . Had my Birthday at 10/26

2. How fluent are you in written and spoken English ?
I am pretty used to communicate in English through chat because i play WoW 5 years now . I have a little difficulty in speaking them but i am sure i can communicate ( sometimes i just lose my flow )

3. Do you have a microphone and headset and are you able to speak on Ventrilo ?
Of course , i bought new ones last month.

4. Your character name.

5. Your class.
Level 85 Warrior

6. Your main spec and off spec(s) . Link to the armory profile (please be in your main spec gear when you log out). If the link doesn't work delete the "http://" part.

7. Do you have any other level 85 characters ? (armory links)
Not yet , i am not the type of a player who levels all his characters without obtaining some equipment first. So i just want to go some heroics with my warrior , take some loots and then maybe i level up my Level 80 Druid .

8. Do you have any resistance gear ?
Nope , as far as i remember my last item with resistance was the Helm of Wrath.

9. What were your previous guilds and your reasons for leaving them ?
I Haven't been in a serious raiding guild till early WotLK . When i was in that guild , there was some conflict between the Guild Master and the officers , so the guild disbanded. When i started again after 5 months ( Patch 3.2.0 ) i never managed to join a serious raiding guild , probably because of my bad gear. iN 3.3.0 , me and 5 other IRL friends were creating pugs for ICC almost for 2 months.

10. Previous PvE experience (Vanilla, TBC and WotLK).
i dinged 60 only 3 months before TBC so my raiding experience isn't good enough : Whole MC , first boss in BWL , Onyxia , ZG ( not Hakkar though )

11. Describe, in your view, your role in the Guild / Raid.
In level 70 and 80 i had a leading rank ( always a Warrior class Leader ) but i didn't really like this rank . I am not the type of a person who leads and shares his experience with other people. So i guess i am happy enough to be a common member.

12. Computer specifications (Hardware/Software), Internet-connection.
I have two computers ( one in my original home and one the town where ι study ) . I checked the raiding days and i am glad that in these days i use the second one which is the best i have : Intel Core i5 and four GB Ram . I never had problem in Dalaran though most people were lagging as hell . In addition , my internet connection is 8 Mb/s.

13. What is your reason for choosing to join Unforgiven ?
I joined Unforgiven during the first hours of Cataclysm . I really like the guild environment where people ask for help and they take an immediate response. My main reason for joining Unforgiven's PvE roster is to make hardcore Heroic Dungeons group with trustful guildies . Also i want to experience Cataclysm's early raids with a serious guild.

14. Is there anything you would like to add ?
Not really, just i hate to spend this expansion with pugs , i hope i will find a guild suitable for me Smile

15. Is there anyone in Unforgiven who can vouch for you? (Name him/her).
I don't think my friend Jinnoulic can vouch for me beacuse he joined the same time as me . We are both new to the server ( 1 month ) transfered form the server Stormscale.

16. Have you read ALL the Guild Rules and are you willing to follow them ?
Yep (Red)[i]
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PostSubject: Re: <Accepted> Ageofkings - Prot / Fury Warrior wants to join .    Thu Dec 09, 2010 1:54 pm

Gear up, get ready, your in. Not much else to say. Whisper me in-game for your promotion, your trial has already begun.

Welcome to Unforgiven

PvP Officer of Unforgiven

P.S. Helping other guild members in need is a must!
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<Accepted> Ageofkings - Prot / Fury Warrior wants to join .
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