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 <Pending> Artoreus- Ravencrest- Hunter- MM/SV

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PostSubject: <Pending> Artoreus- Ravencrest- Hunter- MM/SV   Mon Jan 03, 2011 7:50 pm

Artoreus- Ravencrest- Hunter- MM/SV

I'm 23 years old.
I speak fluent english, it is my first language and the language i speak on a day-to-day basis.
Yes yes and yes, i have ventrillo and built in mic.
My charachtars name is Artoreus and he is a lvl 85 Hunter.
My main spec is MM, but i'm also quite skilled with SV and don't mind playing both ways. I can't seem to find the new updated wow armory website sinse Blizzard has formatted their webpage.
No, mainly because i just recently bought Cata and have spent most of my time and max lvl farming bg's and TB (if i'm lucky to get in)
I am and extremely hardcore pvp'r. I am constantly pvping, as i just said before; most of my time at max lvl has been farming bg's. Also I created this character in July and already have the 10,000 honorable kill achievment.
I just recently got full pvp gear (352 BloodThirsty) includigng off set and accesories. My current resilience is at 2998.
I was just in random, just for fun guilds, social leveling guilds... I was never really serious about guilds until i hit max lvl near the end of the summer and joined this one.
As i said before, this specific character i created sometime during mid-summer, meaning he is born and raised in Woltk. But with previous characters and previous accounts i have been pvping as far back as the end of TBC.
I haven't really done arena much, just the regular few for points, i had a few attempts at breaking into the 1660 rating but failed due to poor scheduling.
I have been playing sinse the end of the final season of Woltk. (Wrathful)
I take the critisism of course and don't consider it as an insult but rather constructive critisism, i feel like you can truly learn from your mistakes, but before you can do that your mistakes must be pointed out to you.
I don't really have specific times that i play, i do play every day and i do tend to make sure that i log in at least once a day. But i mostly spend my time playing during the afternoon and evening. (Realm Time)
I have and HP pavillion that i've tripped out. 250g Hard drive with a 2.3 Mhz procesor and 4g RAM.
I was particularily intrieged by the End Game Content of Woltk and wanted to attempt to down LK, so i geared up through my harvested Frost badges and applied for the guild because i heard that it was a great raiding guild that had downed LK.
Not reall, just that PvP is my main goal and objective for Cata, and I think i would be a great addition to various arena teams or Rated BG teams.
Yes, several of my family members are in the guild: Elementil, Protigy>Fresky, Mixolydian.
Yes and Yes Smile
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PostSubject: Re: <Pending> Artoreus- Ravencrest- Hunter- MM/SV   Fri Jan 07, 2011 2:11 am

First of all thank you for applying. However can you post you application little bit neater?

We will consider you application easier this way.

Best wishes
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<Pending> Artoreus- Ravencrest- Hunter- MM/SV
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