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 <Declined> giwrgaros resto shaman 85lvl

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PostSubject: <Declined> giwrgaros resto shaman 85lvl   Mon Jan 24, 2011 7:57 pm

1. Your age. i am 18 years old

2. How fluent are you in written and spoken English ? i speak english only in wow. and i have taken advance of english from the exams of cambridge.

3. Do you have a microphone and headset and are you able to speak on Ventrilo ?yes

4. Your character name. Giwrgaros

5. Your class.shaman

6. Your main spec and off spec(s) . Link to the armory profile (please be in your main spec gear when you log out). Do not include my main specc is healer and my off specc is elemental dps

7. Do you have any other level 85 characters ? (armory links)no. i got only 80 level characcters to other servers

8. Do you have any resistance gear ?nop

9. What were your previous guilds and your reasons for leaving them ?i was on league rebor on daggerspine allians i left from there cause i stoped wow for 4 months. then i joind with some friends on <Enduring allegiance> but before 2 days left from there cause i transfered here with my best frind to do pvp cause on daggerspine alli dont have lots of ppl to pvp

10. Previous PvE experience (Vanilla, TBC, WotLK and Cata).WotLk i fully cleared icc 10 man 12/12 with 11/12hc mode and icecrown raider. and on 25 man icc i cleared 11/12 with 4/12 HC. TOC 10 and 25 man full cleared uldear full creared 10 man exept last boss and naxx 10,25 man full cleared

11. Describe, in your view, your role in the Guild / Raid.I am healer in raid i like that cause i heal the others so they dont die i love healer cause its rl helpfull.Smile

12. Computer specifications (Hardware/Software), Internet-connection.my internet connection is 4 mbps i got 2.4Ghz dual core with 512 grapfic card

13. What is your reason for choosing to join Unforgiven ? cause i heard that its a rl good guild with kind ppl.

14. How active do you plan to be? and are you able to match our raiding schedule?When i dont have homework i am always online. yes i can follow the raid programm

15. Is there anything you would like to add ?Yes i live football and i love driving my scania r500 TRUCK THROUGH the road:)

16. Is there anyone in Unforgiven who can vouch for you? (Name him/her).YES Etheriel,Tsoura

17. Have you read ALL the Guild Rules and are you willing to follow them ?YES
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PostSubject: Re: <Declined> giwrgaros resto shaman 85lvl   Tue Jan 25, 2011 1:07 am

Thank you for applying,

I have the feeling that the lessons which you have taken in Cambridge did not help so much. I might be my mistaken, however if
even one person wouldn't understand you in the raids it will be problem and honestly I do not understand you. Thank you for applying but I will be much better for you to do your homework rather than raiding 3-4 days a week 4-5 hrs a day!

Best wishes

Best wishes
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<Declined> giwrgaros resto shaman 85lvl
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