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 <Accepted> Warrior-Fury

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PostSubject: <Accepted> Warrior-Fury   Wed Jan 26, 2011 1:18 pm

1. Your age.
The ripe old age of Thirty-nine.

2. How fluent are you in written and spoken English ?
Well versed in written and, spoken English.

3. Do you have a microphone and headset and are you able to speak on Ventrilo ?
I don't have a head set at present however, I do have Ventrillo. A friend has been kicking my butt about getting one so, will endeavor to get one in the next few days.

4. Your character name.

5. Your class.
Warrior: Fury is my Main-spec and Protection is Off-spec. I do understand that my gear isn't the best but, I've pretty much had to build it alone or from pick-up group runs. It's about as good as I can get it in pre raid gear.

6. Your main spec and off spec(s) . Link to the armory profile (please be in your main spec gear when you log out). If the link doesn't work delete the "http://" part.

7. Do you have any other level 85 characters ? (armory links)
Only two at present. They are:
Oolah: Enhancement/Elemental Shaman. Gearing in progress.

Haidie: Currently main specced as Retribution. Final specs are yet to be decided.
The guild they are both in is a friends social guild.
I have other classes that are level 80 which I will work on gradually but, to a large extent I have most of the professions covered now that I need to be self sufficient.

8. Do you have any resistance gear ?
No Cataclysm resistance gear at present.

9. What were your previous guilds and your reasons for leaving them ?
Bad Kittys was my last and only guild on Ravencrest. Reasons for leaving are: being sidelined for raiding and since cataclysm launched, the Guild leader has taken extended leave which meant a change in leadership. This seems to have lead to only friends being included in their 10 man only raiding roster. Sadly some of those are people with end game Egos but without the attitude and aptitude to go with it. I don't really have the tolerance for petulant and egotistic behaviour and a recent episode was the catalyst needed for me to take my leave.

10. Previous PvE experience (Vanilla, TBC and WotLK).
Started playing a few months after the launch of the game clearing Vanilla and Burning Crusade content. Some content, Mainly heroic raiding achievements and not having fully cleared Ulduar remain unconcluded.

11. Describe, in your view, your role in the Guild / Raid.
I consider myself patient to a certain degree and I'm happy to wipe for the sake of progression so long as said wipes are not caused by petulance or ignorance. I am also prepared to assist the guild whether picked for a raid or not using the crafts and professions I have at my disposal. In addition helping people run heroics for that much needed item. I'm not the greatest fan of using guides to learn the mechanics for a particular engagement. I think half the fun is figuring that out yourself and, have avoided it completely for the Heroic Dungeons. That said I won't refuse to do so if I'm asked to for the sake of the guilds progress.

12. Computer specifications (Hardware/Software), Internet-connection.
iMac 2.8ghz i7 Quad core and 10 mbit connection. So long as the ISP doesn't act up, it's all pretty solid for raiding.

13. What is your reason for choosing to join Unforgiven ?
My long-term friend 'Etheriel' endorses the guild and, I have been in pick-up groups with some members from Unforgiven and was recently in a Baradin Hold 10 man run buy a guy from Unforgiven and they have all been quite mature and pleasant. That guild attitude alone made me wish to apply.

14. Is there anything you would like to add ?
There isn't much to add since the proof in the pudding would essentially be to see how well I fit within your guild during a trial period. By-all-means, feel free to ask me anything in game if you feel I missed something. All I can hope for is that you will give my application due consideration and perhaps I will be raiding with all of you in the not too distant future.

15. Is there anyone in Unforgiven who can vouch for you? (Name him/her).
I would name 'Etheriel' since she is one of my oldest in game friends (We migrated from Agamaggan to Ravencrest together). However in choosing a guild on this realm she chose wisely and I chose poorly. She didn't have the luxury of being endorsed there-for I won't rely on her to endorse me. I'd rather be accepted on my own merits.

16. Have you read ALL the Guild Rules and are you willing to follow them ?
I have indeed and, I do indeed.
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PostSubject: Re: <Accepted> Warrior-Fury   Wed Jan 26, 2011 1:54 pm

Its' been a while since I've read an application with such depth that I won't need to have a chat with you, it's all in the application.
Let's hope for more progress with you in our ranks.

Welcome to Unforgiven!

Contact me In-game on Mixolydian

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<Accepted> Warrior-Fury
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